Who would not want to climb Mount Rinjani Trekking This mountain became the dream of many climbers because this mountain has a very charming natural beauty. There are many tourists who fell in love when first came to Rinjani so they want to come back on another occasion. Climbing to the top of Rinjani can be done through many lines but most tourists like through the Sembalun line because the field is quite easy. But all that is only valid until the post 3 course because of the post 3 terrain that must be passed the same weight with other lines.

On the route via Sembalun this journey will begin with an ordinary path from the basecamp or registration point to the entrance of Sembalun. Then from the entrance of Sembalun you will go through the meadow winding up and down even so the terrain is still quite sloping so it can still be easily passed by many tourists. Long journey from Sembalun entrance to post 1 which is about 2 hours, you can take off briefly in post 1 while bertegur greet with other entourage you may encounter. From there the journey will be continued to post 2 which is closer so that about 1 hour you can get to post 2.

From the 2nd post it is only physically and mentally we will be thoroughly tested because each climber must reach heading 3 with a heavy field for about 1 – 2 hours. If you have reached the post 3 then 7 hills of regret is famous to drain a lot of energy is waiting for you if you want to get to Plewangan Sembalun and closer to the top of Rinjani or Segara Anak lake. Starting from here a tiring uphill path must be passed every climber approximately 2 hours duration so that you who want to reach the top should really be in a prime state. The paths are still not comparable to the sand path from Plewangan Sembalun to the top of Rinjani because every footsteps of the tourists are often mired and have to repeat the steps again.